What it took for me to get started on my book…

On January 29th, 2015, I jetted off to India for the seventh time in as many years.  My husband and I had left our rented apartment, packed our things into storage and were heading away for over five months.  I used those five months wisely.  I used them to write this book that has been […]

Ashtanga yoga calms the monkey-mind… um, sometimes!

I’m not sure about this one because in my practice this morning all I could do was think, think and think some more about all these essays and articles and musings I wanted to write on this yoga practice of mine.  Every so often, I would remember that I was really supposed to be watching […]

the soulless rat-race that’s crushing our creative spirits

There’s a huge problem in society, a massively disastrous problem. I know this because I’m experiencing it first-hand… Many of us are creatively destitute because of the dull, repetitive, uninspiring jobs we have to do in order to pay the bills; the rent, the electricity, the gym membership, the barely-functioning car that we have to […]

Finding your willpower with Ashtanga yoga!

Willpower is a complex creature; to get the most out of her we really need to learn how to manage her with kindness and respect. This is one of my biggest lessons from the very beginning of doing a regular, consistent, 6-days-a-week morning practice.  I love Ashtanga yoga, I love the feeling of stretching and […]

The things travelling did to me…

Given that I’m only a week back from India, I’ve quite recently experienced the joys of long flights and a disturbed body-clock and the general wear and tear of this exhausting activity that I love so much.  Here’s a few of the more interesting elements of my journey home:   the things travelling did to me…  Required me to rise […]