Yup my friend, you’re back in India!

My flight from Dublin came via Abu Dhabi, a frenzied hub of mainly transiting passengers.  I had an hour and a half between flights, plenty time.  Well that’s what I had thought before I saw the rows of bodies waiting to go through security.  The queue was about six lines long, zig-zagging back and forth as I shuffled my way along towards […]

Bloody bracelet!

It’s the still black of night and I’m heavy and dull with sleep. The fan is whirring ceaselessly above me, a constant, cooling gust in an otherwise sticky, muggy heat. My husband comes into the room after I’ve drifted off to the formless land of dreams.  His rustling for pajamas and the glare of the light bulb poke holes in my […]

Why do I practice Ashtanga Yoga, Mysore style?

Recently while having a chat with my cousin about my yoga practice, she literally balked at the thought of doing the same sequence of postures every single day without change.  To her it seemed boring and restrictive, as though all joy and light were sucked out of the practice by practicing in this way.  I […]


Gratitude She sits on a small, wooden chair in the hall, a silent, knowing smile on her soft face. She exudes an air of being comfortable, self-assured and confident while simultaneously gentle, accepting, respectful. Sometimes I forget she’s there, she never makes any fuss either way and I can get so busy and fretful. But […]

Get your ego out of the way, or start saving up now for a new set of knees…

It’s nearly four months now since I started my regular, six-mornings-a-week Ashtanga yoga practice routine and it’s amazing what I’ve noticed and learned in this time about my habits, my behavioural patterns, my body and so on….   On a purely physical level though, something I’ve noticed over the months is the potential wear and […]