Crying Yoga…

I have a confession to make!  I feel like I may have been really smug in my last two blogs about my daily yoga practice.  The morning routine lately has been really hard, a battle with myself to keep my practice going when I least feel like it and by managing to keep it going, I […]

I really really love yoga but recently, oooooph, it’s been hard!

Ooooph, I’m having a hard time these days with my morning yoga practice.  Each morning I wake up and I just don’t want to do it…. there’s a heavy weight of resistance sitting on my head as I sleepily go to the loo and brush my teeth.  My body feels cumbrous and dull, my mind also, […]

When India hands you lemons, just make lemonade!

There are many invaluable life-lessons I have learned over the course of this year, 2015, an incredibly tough, challenging but deeply educational and rewarding time in my young life.  One of the more prominent lessons has been that old adage: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” In India, more than anywhere else on earth, the […]

The divine sacred energy of the Himalayas.

2015 has been an intensely challenging and at times, ridiculously stressful year for me.  It has also been like a teacher offering difficult lessons from which to grow and learn.  Interestingly enough, the year and its lessons have been mostly in India and I’m sure to my core that there is no coincidence in this. […]

It’s not always easy, it’s not always fun, but it’s always, always worth the effort!

“Inhale, raise the arms up…” I don’t want to be here – I don’t want to do any of this – I hate this bloody routine!!! “Exhale, fold forward…” Man, I just want to go for my breakfast or relax over a cup of coffee, actually pretty much anything if I could just not have […]

Dear Kerala…. it’s good to be back.

I’ve been in the south of India for just over a week now and this land is in stark contrast to my husband’s home-town of Jaipur, further north in the arid yet vibrant state of Rajasthan.  The vast difference really struck me on my previous trip here, nine months ago.  Alex, myself and his goldsmith […]