Choosing Yoga over money. Everytime!

I’ve been very absent from blogging recently.  Life has gotten pretty hectic, it always does coming up to Christmas, but especially if you work in either the retail or hospitality industry.  The past two years I’ve worked in both simultaneously!  And it seems likely to be the case again this year.  But though it may […]

Big, mean, bully gods!

It has to be said, this blog is going to be a bit of a rant.  It feels like I’ve been teased, like the gods decided to play a mean little joke on me. Since coming back from India in October, I’ve been searching for a job, but despite handing out hundreds of C.V.s, no luck. […]

Happy Six Month Yoga Anniversary… to me!

Yesterday – November 16th 2015 – marked the six month anniversary since I began my journey into Astanga yoga in Mysore style, six mornings a week; the beginning of six months of continuous, consistent, morning yoga, even on those days recently when the very last thing I wanted to do was get on my mat and sweat […]

Ways I keep my Ashtanga yoga practice alive and kicking!

I practice Ashtanga yoga six mornings a week.  I do it regardless of whether I want to or not, whether I’m really looking forward to it or dreading it.  And recently, boy did I not want to do it, not at all! But with a serious determination to keep it going, somehow, I still got […]