If you want to know about me, then good luck!  I’ve been trying to figure me out for over three decades now.  However, I have discovered a few things so I’ll share these tid-bits with you now:

I laugh easily and loudly, I equally cry readily and at the most inappropriate moments.  My emotions are not entirely under my control but I’m working on them and yoga, therapy, meditation and journalling in different degrees at different times definitely help.

I love all animals and most especially horses, cats and dogs though somehow I don’t get to spend enough time with any of them (my 8 year old horse-crazy self would be disgusted to learn that I still do not have my own pony).

Then again, travel always seems to get in the way of being settled enough to have my beloved mini animal-farm – wanderlust shadows my every move and the urge to explore the world and see new lands and cultures tugs me away from putting down roots and always prevents me feeling too settled.  The way that I travel has changed radically since my twenties as trips now seem to revolve around India thanks to it being the home-land of my dear sweet husband.  It’s a magical, mystical place that everyone should visit at least once and if I’m away from it for too long I get withdrawal symptoms.  That being said, if I stay there too long, I miss Europe too much and can’t handle the chaos anymore.

Europe is my heart-song, plain and simple (in particular, the Mediterranean) as I adore the languages, the climate, the foods, the architecture, the art, the fashion, the style. From Paris to Rome to the Cote d’Aure to Tuscanny to Lisbon to Barcelona to the Algarve and the countless other cities and regions that I haven’t seen – Europe is pure bliss for me.

Yoga entered my life just a few years ago and is an ongoing journey into my inner world that is impossibly difficult at times but still something I love – hence the numerous photos and blog posts about it.  I’m vegetarian since I was 21, have done three years of weekly therapy and I often cry, my heart breaking at the state of the world we live in – so yes, it’s true, I’m a bit of a tree-hugging, sandal-wearing hippie.

Writing has always been in my life but it is only since 2015 that I finally broke through the wall of self-doubt and perfectionism to attempt to work with this craft and I’ve since discovered that if you allow yourself to make a shitty lump of clay in the first place, then and only then will you end up with the possibility of creating a beautiful sculpture, something unique and interesting and often really really good!  But you must lose the notion of perfection, most especially in the initial stages of creating, or your inner critic will never let you get past the first sentence.  And the other thing is that the more you create and try stuff, the better you’ll get.  But only if you’re actually doing it!

Although I try real hard to be a good human being, I eat too much chocolate, I get cranky and irritable with my husband every second day, I’m lazy when I should be productive and I’m incredibly hard on myself when I don’t live up to my own ridiculously high expectations.  However, I believe that tender loving kindness is the key to healing all our hurting hearts and while I don’t always succeed at it, I do always try to add it to each and every thing that I think, say or do.

To round this off, I’d just like to share a beautiful quote on writing:

“Fill your paper with the breathings of your heart”

 William Wordsworth

This is what I will endeavour always to do.



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