Naturcize – the key to feeling better!

It was a lazy Sunday – I had done very little bar morning yoga and a shower and as the afternoon wore on I became very unsettled, firm in the belief that by not being productive I was somehow wasting my one precious day off. Now a Buddhist monk may well have sat on his […]

Success, Failure and Gentle Forgiveness

I used to be someone who practiced Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional method six days a week – what I considered a real Ashtangi.  Just saying that makes me cringe a little but, well, it’s true.  Even though I had convinced myself otherwise, I was hyped up on a smug sense of superiority because I was doing it right […]

Living the Life you Love

  There are so many amazing things in my life that I can be grateful for it would take weeks to list them. Take any one of them away and I know I would be devastated. I am an extremely fortunate human being and yet still, my day-to-day life recently has been leaving me feeling empty […]

Resistance to your Art

It’s been too long, unbelievably eight months too long, since I last blogged about anything. Where did the time slip away to? How is it possible that in so many weeks and months I couldn’t sit my arse down at a computer and write something, anything?? Well, I recently read this book that pretty much […]

The 2016 Project: my little happiness-ritual

For Christmas, one of my brothers gifted me a small beautiful book called a Five Year Memory book.  On each page is the date of every day of the month from January through December, with five mini sections in which you are meant to write one interesting memory from that date over the course of […]

Seriously – what’s the rush??

An interesting thing happened when I was driving to work a few days ago.  It was about 9.30 am and I had been warned to leave early and go slow as the roads were icy. Then a car pulled out of a driveway ahead of me and I understood what real slow driving was. A lazy […]

How to manage a hectic life without snapping!

How do you manage your time to feel as though you have some space in it when life gets pretty darn hectic and – as the old saying goes – there just “aren’t enough hours in the day”?  How do you prevent yourself from feeling as though you’re about to pop like a balloon blown […]

Big, mean, bully gods!

It has to be said, this blog is going to be a bit of a rant.  It feels like I’ve been teased, like the gods decided to play a mean little joke on me. Since coming back from India in October, I’ve been searching for a job, but despite handing out hundreds of C.V.s, no luck. […]

When India hands you lemons, just make lemonade!

There are many invaluable life-lessons I have learned over the course of this year, 2015, an incredibly tough, challenging but deeply educational and rewarding time in my young life.  One of the more prominent lessons has been that old adage: “When life hands you lemons, make lemonade!” In India, more than anywhere else on earth, the […]

The divine sacred energy of the Himalayas.

2015 has been an intensely challenging and at times, ridiculously stressful year for me.  It has also been like a teacher offering difficult lessons from which to grow and learn.  Interestingly enough, the year and its lessons have been mostly in India and I’m sure to my core that there is no coincidence in this. […]