Naturcize – the key to feeling better!

It was a lazy Sunday – I had done very little bar morning yoga and a shower and as the afternoon wore on I became very unsettled, firm in the belief that by not being productive I was somehow wasting my one precious day off. Now a Buddhist monk may well have sat on his […]

The 2016 Project: my little happiness-ritual

For Christmas, one of my brothers gifted me a small beautiful book called a Five Year Memory book. Β On each page is the date of every day of the month from January through December, with five mini sections in which you are meant to write one interesting memory from that date over the course of […]

Seriously – what’s the rush??

An interesting thing happened when I was driving to work a few days ago. Β It was about 9.30 am and I had beenΒ warned to leave early and go slow as the roads were icy. Then a car pulled out of a driveway ahead of me and I understood what real slow driving was. A lazy […]