Naturcize – the key to feeling better!

It was a lazy Sunday – I had done very little bar morning yoga and a shower and as the afternoon wore on I became very unsettled, firm in the belief that by not being productive I was somehow wasting my one precious day off. Now a Buddhist monk may well have sat on his […]

Choosing Yoga over money. Everytime!

I’ve been very absent from blogging recently.  Life has gotten pretty hectic, it always does coming up to Christmas, but especially if you work in either the retail or hospitality industry.  The past two years I’ve worked in both simultaneously!  And it seems likely to be the case again this year.  But though it may […]

The things travelling did to me…

Given that I’m only a week back from India, I’ve quite recently experienced the joys of long flights and a disturbed body-clock and the general wear and tear of this exhausting activity that I love so much.  Here’s a few of the more interesting elements of my journey home:   the things travelling did to me…  Required me to rise […]