Journey to Fitness

I used to practice just Ashtanga yoga and do little other form of exercise. I thought the intensive yoga each morning was enough, and there’s no doubt that it’s a very healthy thing to move and stretch and strengthen the body with Ashtanga yoga. But it’s not a complete form of exercise because it’s not […]

The 5 lessons I learned on my break from Ashtanga yoga.

I recently had to take a break of nearly six months off my daily Ashtanga yoga practice due to a mild yet recurring hamstring issue. Having been a strict and devout Ashtangi for a year (meaning 6-mornings-a-week practicing the same sequence by myself, day in, day out) this official break felt wrong and weird, like I […]

It’s official – I cheated…

Yup – I cheated.  On the sweet love of my life… Sure, we’ve been going through a rough patch lately – I’ve not been as committed or attentive as I used to be. There are days I’ve woken up and been like, Oh God, I’m so not into you right now and then felt stricken because I […]

Success, Failure and Gentle Forgiveness

I used to be someone who practiced Ashtanga Yoga in the traditional method six days a week – what I considered a real Ashtangi.  Just saying that makes me cringe a little but, well, it’s true.  Even though I had convinced myself otherwise, I was hyped up on a smug sense of superiority because I was doing it right […]

Bootilicious Yoga-Buns

The Ashtanga Primary Series is a phenomenal yoga practice.  It deepens your connection to the breath, opens up the back of the body as well as the hips and it focuses and calms the mind.  It’s a powerful journey of self-discovery.  As stated in the ancient text, the Baghvad Gita: “Yoga is a journey of […]

Resistance to your Art

It’s been too long, unbelievably eight months too long, since I last blogged about anything. Where did the time slip away to? How is it possible that in so many weeks and months I couldn’t sit my arse down at a computer and write something, anything?? Well, I recently read this book that pretty much […]

My love affair with Ashtanga Yoga

Well 2015 was a bitch, no doubt!  I’m so glad and relieved to be out of it and into a sparkling new one – I have a real good feeling about 2016!  But, truth be told, that mean-ass year of 2015 made me grow in ways I never would have otherwise.  It was the year […]

Choosing Yoga over money. Everytime!

I’ve been very absent from blogging recently.  Life has gotten pretty hectic, it always does coming up to Christmas, but especially if you work in either the retail or hospitality industry.  The past two years I’ve worked in both simultaneously!  And it seems likely to be the case again this year.  But though it may […]

Happy Six Month Yoga Anniversary… to me!

Yesterday – November 16th 2015 – marked the six month anniversary since I began my journey into Astanga yoga in Mysore style, six mornings a week; the beginning of six months of continuous, consistent, morning yoga, even on those days recently when the very last thing I wanted to do was get on my mat and sweat […]